Our mission

To create an awareness of Islam and impact Islamic culture and values on the Muslim for the improvement of contemporary society, and in the cause of Allah.

Our vision

To see Muslims, return to the state of Islamic excellence.

Movement for Islamic culture and awareness

The Movement for Islamic Culture and Awareness (MICA) is a not-for-profit religious organization established in June 1994, from the direct resolution at FOMWAN youth dinner, for the propagation of Islamic culture.

MICA is particularly geared towards:

  • Muslims that are trying to find their footing in the Deen
  • Muslims seeking a better understanding of the Deen
  • Reverts looking for an open and welcoming environment

Our blog

Nurture your Relationship with Al-Waduud, the Most Loving

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful "[Prophet], recite what has been revealed to you of the Scripture; keep up the prayer: prayer restrains outrageous and unacceptable behaviour. Remembering God is greater: God knows everything you are doing."...

Do you call upon Al-Mujeeb, the Responsive One, regularly?

Whenever you are on the verge of complaining about something, pause and give thanks to Allah for all the things that are going right in your life.

Are you putting in your best efforts?

Truly trusting Allah means accepting and internalising that He knows things we do not know, He has power over all things and everything belongs to Him.

What we do

At MICA, we recognize the supreme Islamic injunction, that we must continually search for knowledge to improve ourselves and fulfill the purpose of our creation.

Reawakening the muslim spirit

Enlightenment on the tenets of ISLAM

Charitable endeavours

Ensuring an enabling environment

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Lagos address:

No 7, Ikorodu Road, Maryland




+234 808 799 3292

Abuja address:

The Islamic Centre, 1R crescent, FHA Lugbe, Abuja-FCT




+234 808 201 9130

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