Our Activities

Our activities are categorized into three, yearly, weekly, and professional.

MICA Floor

Every Sunday of each month, we invite with us on both our physical and virtual knowledge-sharing platforms renowned experts in various fields both spiritually and professionally to educate both our members and guests on various beneficial topics.

Dare To Be Different

This is a continuous developmental lecture series set for a given topic over one month.


This is a family picnic day at MICA. It is usually to commemorate the Children’s Day. We choose a venue usually a park where the family unwinds together along with other families alike.

Group Discussions

This is a program where members and guests physically sit together and air their minds unabated on a given topic and in a group setting there is usually more than one group depending on attendance of the day.
At the end of the day after the given time, the Islamic perspective will be shared from the Quran and Sunnah


This is a one-day lecture that is held in a beautiful venue with a high ambiance and a beautiful environment. It’s a developmental event for personal growth and development.


Awliyyah Network

Is a program for eligible men and women of marriageable age. It’s an avenue for young people to meet and discuss preferences in relationships and marriage.

Marriage Seminars

A periodic sit together of married people which highlight issues in and around marriages and parenting. It’s also known as mart maintenance serious