MICA reinforced my dislike for dishonesty and corruption. At MICA I was inspired
by many wonderful brodas and sistas who will spend of their hard-earned money to
make things happen yet struggle with others to accomplish the task. I have been an
ambassador of the selfless and egalitarianism that MICA reinforced in me. Being an
official at MICA confers absolute zero privilege on you but rather demands more sacrifice
and commitment. For instance, we donate money to kick start Katibah, we fundraise to
meet the budget, we then have to pay the full camp fees as a matter of priority. On top of
that, you get to the camp and you get to eat the same thing on the same plate with everyone,
only that sometimes you may get to give up your meal for others. You do all of these and
don’t get dampened in the least because the organization trains you to understand that
the true value of leadership lies in the sacrifices and services you render to others. Am
always elated to see many of the kids we groomed and hopefully inspired through
especially the Katibah and other programs who are now fantastic adults and carrying on
in life with confidence and selflessness