I started attending MICA at a time when I was not yet confident in my identity as a
Muslimah. It was early in my uni days. I remember that the decision to start to wear the
hijab was born and nurtured in MICA meetings. I made the decision and felt part of
something greater than me as I renewed my intentions for wearing it. I know that the
various muslimahs I met who I looked up to and admired motivated the initial choice and
practice of hijab. MICA aptly depicted the culture of Islam and increased my awareness of my roles, duties and responsibilities as a Muslimah. Even though I became irregular at
attending and participating in MICA functions over the years, the teachings learned, the
sisterhood, and camaraderie has stayed with me over the years, such that I would gladly
encourage the love for this culture in my kids too. And I always found the cool ocean
breeze when we pray salah outside relaxing and tranquil.😊