I have had, and continue to have awesome experiences in MICA. The
organization represents a lot for me and I have found meaning, fulfillment, and
consolidated my conviction. No doubt, MICA has played a huge role in shaping my
personality and my priorities. I have met and associated with very simple servants of Allaah
but indeed they are great and wonderful people in my estimation. Very selfless and committed brothers and Sista too. Some of them have returned to their Lord and some
others have traveled the land. But others continue to be around to strengthen the bond
of Brotherhood.
In MICA, I get to appreciate the universality of the Islamic Brotherhood and that I have a
role to play in my very insignificant, infinitesimally small yet crucial space. The
organization provides me the opportunity to care about the Umma of Muhammad
sallaLahu alaehi was salaam. It helps me to take action. And helps me to continue to
find meaning and relevance