Katibah 2023

The Path to Jannah

Venue  –   LASEMA Resettlement Center Agbowa, Ejirin – Ikosi Lcda

Start Date  –  23rd of December 2023

Close Date  –  1st of January 2024

Attendee  –  201 participants from the ages of 6 years and above up to the 60year olds

Programs  –  include Islamic inspirational, motivational, and work ethic-related lectures. Also, human capacity development was done

Lecture time

Katibah 2023 is a family camp designed to meet the diverse needs of every family member at different life stages. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. To achieve this, we’ve segmented participants into 4 age-based cohorts, allowing us to create personalized content for each group.

This ensures that everyone feels included and engaged. We also aim to provide an environment for learning and personal growth, offering Muslims an opportunity to learn more about Islam and develop essential life skills. Additionally, the camp serves as a peaceful retreat from the holiday season, providing a refreshing break for participants

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