About us

Started – June 1994, as a result of a direct resolution at FOMWAN youth dinner

Vision Statement

To see Muslims return to the state of Islamic excellence

Mission Statement

“To create an awareness of Islam and impart Islamic culture and values on the Muslim for the improvement of contemporary society, and in the cause of Allah”.

Objectives of MICA

  • 1
    Safe Space

    Provide a safe space for young Muslims.

  • 2
    Quality Training

    At the forefront of providing quality training in leadership, entrepreneurial and living skills.

  • 3

    Create an avenue for Muslims Male and Females to meet and possibly get married

What We Offer

  • Our guests are free to attend our weekly meetings. We encourage membership as there are special benefit program such as;

    • Soul feeding
    • Safe space
    • Provide economic development
    • Leadership and competency
    • Capacity building (soft skills and competencies that enhances your profile)
    • Elicit passion for the Deen
    • Positive social interactions
    • An open and welcoming environment for reverts.