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Was Founded in 1994

We are a non-profit making religious organization


MICA came into being as an antidote to the contemporary social-cultural problems facing Muslims in the corporate world


To see Muslims return to the state of Islamic excellence


To create an awareness of Islam and impart Islamic culture and values on the Muslims for the improvement of contemporary society, and in the cause of Allah.

  • We believe in and facilitate harmonious relationship between Muslim organizations in Nigeria.
  • We will continue to foster peaceful co-existence among Muslims and Non-Muslims in Nigeria
  • The Movement is at the forefront of providing quality training in leadership, entrepreneurial and living skills.

MICA Services

  • Providing balanced viewpoints on Islam
    Breakfast With MICA

    Breakfast With MICA

  • Provision and conduct of Muslims Rites and Rituals
  • Professional Advancement
  • Counselling Services
  • Mentoring & Apprenticeship
  • Match making and Relationship Advisory services
  • Zakat re-distribution
  • Sadaqat ul-Jaria & Endowment Services

MICA Floor

dscn1133Lectures are held, with topics carefully chosen by the Attract& Retain team so as to ensure the realization of the Mission to the best of our abilities. Guest speakers of repute are invited to deliver these lectures. The lectures are for a period of about an hour, after which questions are taken from the floor.





Group Discussions

Group Discursion

Group Discursion

Members break out into small study groups for the purpose of an intensive discussion on the teachings of Islam. The discussions are based on a prepared synopsis which each Group Co-coordinator uses as a guide in order to ensure uniformity of approach and a proper co-ordination of the study group activities.

We recognize and accept teachings & doctrines of Ahlus Sunnah Wa Jammah as practiced by the Imams of the four schools of thought, namely;  AbuHanifa, Malik, Shafi and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.With a view to the effective realization of its Mission, the Organization is “particularly” geared towards:

  • Those born into Islam but who do not readily identify with the religion and
  • Those who have had little opportunity of being exposed to Islamic teachings, both at home and at school.
  • Muslims who are generally seeking a better understanding of the religion of Islam.
  • Muslims who feel they have a responsibility to the larger Muslim community
  • Persons in tertiary institutions of learning and Muslim professionals, who fall within the above categories, are eligible for membership of the organization.
  • A person shall become a member by registering as such and paying the requisite monthly membership dues, and registration fees where applicable.

We are an organisation created for entry level Muslims intended to form a community that is proactive in approach and  professional in the  execution of its programmes, projects and initiatives. Guided by the classical understanding of the Quran and Sunnah with Maqasid Al-Sharia as the driving principles.

The Organization further recognizes and shall be propelled by the Islamic injunction that we must continually search for knowledge in order that we may improve ourselves, the society in which we live, and also fulfill the purpose of our creation. The Organization will strive to provide a platform for the facilitation of knowledge and information; and facilitate veritable platforms for Muslims to contribute to the growth of Islam and the improvement of the society.

This organisation has a design and a methodology; one that favours moderation over excess, graduation over revolution and balance over extremities. It also favours classical, conservative views over radical and careless ones. It respects scholarships over mediocrity but strive to cut a balance within contemporary society.

The Madhabs remain central to verdicts and methodologies recognised by the organization when offering advice, seeking clarifications and or accepting doctrines on worship and social matters.

To ensure effective and efficient coordination and management MICA runs a team structure, they are as follows:

The Secretariat

  • The secretariat is the administrative headquarters of the organization and is headed by the Executive Secretary.
  • PMO: Measuring the Key Performance Indices (KPIs) and ensuring compliance. This team is a sub-set of the secretariat and they aid the E.S. by enriching his/her decision making and monitoring of the teams, projects and programmes

Finance Team

  • To ensure that the organization remains financially afloat and buoyant, through budgets, planning and investments. The team is also to collect donations from the floor and receive payment; dues and pledges.

Growth Team

  • To plan and execute programmes/projects that are of high quality and meet international standards of benchmarked programmes/projects.
  • To conceive, design, plan and executive programmes that will retain eligible Muslims attracted to MICA and members comfortable in the practice of the Deen.

Sustainability Team

  • To design, plan and execute fund raising strategies and approved programmes for the organization. Their primary responsibility is to manage the human resource; donors

MICA Care Team

  • Plan, design and execute strategies, programmes and projects that ensure members are comfortable practicing their deen. Manage and safeguard the growth & growth needs of members
  • MICA Care is a unit saddled with responsibility of seeing to the welfare of members. Our activities are not limited to members alone; we also carry out outreach programs that attend to the welfare of the larger society

Promotions Team

  • Managing internal and external Publicity mechanism to create Awareness for MICA Programme and Events

Da’wah Team

  • To plan, design and execute strategies, programmes and projects that would ensure the proper understanding of Islam and its tenets, making effective use of appropriate media


  • In charge of the womenfolk of the organization and also interfaces with other gender biased organizations

MICA meets every Sunday from 10.30am at the School Hall of Crescent Nursery and Primary School, 1004 Flats, Victoria Island, Lagos. Our administrative office is at No.7 Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos. You are well come!